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11 January 2008

The Handsome Young Strangers - Shane Warne EP (Code One, 2007)

The assistant at Redeye Records in Sydney actually knew what I was talking about when I asked for this one. Perhaps more people know about this new “young” Sydney band than I thought. Inspired by the wonderful Bushwackers (a late discovery for me), these guys play a mad mix of bush ballads, colonial rock and everything in between. The EP bowls off with the lighthearted tribute to Shane Warne. Love him or hate him, this is a fun journey through his celebrated career.

Next is my personal fave ‘Tanooka’. A strong ballad reminiscing about those great days when you could actually see a live band at your local every day. Who wouldn't cry about the days when you could see “Roaring Jack at the Sando”. Worth buying just for this gem of a lyric.

Then follows a playful and funny run-through of the classic ‘Woolloomooloo Lair’. The band really gets into full stride before closing with Bogle’s mighty ‘The Green Fields of France’. But arguably the best song is a mystery track written about the destruction and heartbreak of drought in the bush.With simple guitar and harmonica these highlights the strength of this band's original stuff. Strong lyrics and great playing with a healthly dose of larrikin spirit. Definitely worth a look live and can't wait to hear more material! (Perce Blakeney)


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